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Cover of humorous cozy mystery Dead Spread

When tarot card reader Carrie Dettwiler stumbles across the mayor’s dead body on a random Tuesday, town gossip reaches a fever pitch—and everyone’s convinced she and her rescue raven Waggery have performed a deadly dark ritual. Carrie deals with the cards she’s dealt, turning over every clue, only to be blown off course by her gale-force feelings for tattoo artist Stormy Portwood, who breezes into town at the same time people start dying. Determined to divine the criminal who’s terrorizing the citizens of Prosperity, Carrie must rely on her dangerous knowledge of the town’s secret history to reveal the killer.


“Dead Stiffs and Tarot Glyphs: Nosy Cozy Shenanigans Shouldered by Canny Card Reader and Corvid Companion. My god, this ticks so many boxes for me. All my favorite cozy tropes, a cool and clever love interest with a shadowy history, lots of tarot, an impressive amount of wordplay, and a scene-stealing talking raven who says far more than "Nevermore." This balanced story is everything you want and expect from a cozy: a complex web of small town drama, colorful characters with silly names and loads of dirty laundry to air, and of course, murrrderrr!”—BookSirens Review

“This is one of those books that you read and then you go and check when the next in the series will be out. I had a lot of fun, loved the style of writing and Waggery. The quirky and quaint town is full of interesting characters. I loved Carrie, a clever and witty MC, and I was happy there was no love triangle. There's some mystery from the past, an intriguing girlfriend and a clever use of tarots. The mystery is twisty and kept surprising me and guessing. I can't wait to read the next in this series. Highly recommended.” –BookSirens Review

“I am both a word nerd and a bird nerd, so when I saw that one of the main characters of this book was a raven, I knew I had to read it. I was NOT disappointed… I loved how the author pulled in information about Tarot and used it to help us understand, both the deck and the people. Waggery the Raven was hilarious! I enjoyed his antics and am interested to see how his relationship with Carrie develops. He is equal parts brilliant toddler and mysterious fellow. I can't wait to see what nefarious schemes he gets up to next.” – BookSirens Review

Cover of humorous cozy mystery Queen of Tentacles


Sea shanties.

Fish stew.




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