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Short Fiction

The Arborists
Halloween Horrors Anthology 

Feral teenagers host a Halloween party where not everything is what

it seems.

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How I Cured My Depression
Reckon Review
A young girl goes to extreme lengths to protect herself.

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Charred Cedar


A bitter, failed chef receives a secret mission from his wife

and a mysterious stranger named Donkey.

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A Fiend in Need

Bullshit Lit

A sad young man is given a choice that he can't undo.

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Esoterica Magazine
Mom dies cracking her neck. But her story doesn’t end there.
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Come to Dinner
Flash Fiction Magazine

The witch from Hansel and Gretel gets fed—and gets revenge.

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The Hallowzine

The ghost of a girl who died close by pays a visit to a woman who's still grieving the loss of her own daughter.

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Bag Lady
Jake the Magazin
An eco-warrior-turned-posh-grocery-store-clerk has had it with bitches and their plastic bags.

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Dirty Penny
Stories We Tell After Midnight Volume 3

A new mother struggling with alcohol abuse makes a disastrous decision to drive her baby into a blizzard.
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Saint Evangeline
Sage Cigarettes
Evangeline simply won’t tolerate anyone who threatens her matriarchy in a western town.

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Sweet Little Darlings
The Sunlight Press

When a former addict is asked for her help with her sister in law’s pill-popping son, she makes a secret decision.

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Filth Literary

Vegas is so hideous everyone believes he’ll take the prize in an ugly dog competition. But Ivan the Russian has another plan.

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Angel Rust

Maybe trying to fix your parenting mistakes on a rescue dog with no manners isn’t such a great idea.
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The Drabble

Those guys on the side of the road? They might be onto something.

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Snow Day
Drabbledark Vol 2

A childish prank turns deadly.
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Follow Me Home
Allegory eZine

A post-apocalyptic version of The Wizard of Oz.

Archived at Allegory



Trash to Treasure
A young woman moves to a city after her home is destroyed by wildfire, only to find herself in the sights of two drug dealers who threaten her life.

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Finding Claymore
Flash Flood 2022

She finds a baby under a car at the airport and decides to run with it.
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 2022 NOMINEE 

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