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This is an image from the feature film War of the Wills

"A funny, devious, and watchable film that features a strange but captivating plot line. The father and son relationship is a strong one that keeps us watching throughout, but it is the clever and well-written denouement that helps War Of The Wills end strongly, managing to thoroughly satisfy its audience."
--Screen Critix



Bethany Browning is the author of Sasquatch, Baby! and Dead Spread, and is co-writer of War of the Wills. Her fiction has appeared in several online and print publications, and her story Charred Cedar was nominated for Sundress Publications' Best of the Net. She writes short stories, cozy mysteries, horror, humor, and any other genre that piques her interest. Her upcoming novella, Shimmerfish, will be released in 2023. She is a Member of the Horror Writers Association and Sisters in Crime. 





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